The Virgin Witch

March 8, 2021 Hart

Witchcraft and Sex!  Christine and Betty are two beautiful sisters who have must moved to London, looking for success. Christine, the older sister finds a job as a photographic model. Sybil, head of the modeling agency, invites Christine to accompany her to an old English mansion for her first assignment.

Nervous and unsure, Christine takes Betty along. Christine poses in various stages of undress for Sybil’s photographer. But modeling is not the real reason for this guise. Sybil is a lesbian, with her sights fixed on Christine. And her make procurer is a “doctor”. Who claims to be a witch. At a secret witches’ initiation, complete with virgin sacrifice, Christine is transformed… and a sex orgy begins. But when it comes to Betty’s initiation, Christine’s loyalty to her sister is tested. Can Christine resist the powers of witchcraft and shelter her sister from this bizarre ending. Wait and see. Starring Patricia Haines, Neil Hallett, Keith Buckley, James Chase and Vicki and Ann Michelle.

Directed by Ray Austin.

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