March 8, 2021 Hart

The commander of a Texan fort in the Civil War refuses to surrender to the Northerners, and tries to buy the local Indian tribe chief’s daughter. The sage man refuses, and the Southerners massacre the tribe and abduct the young squaw anyway. The squaw manages to escape, and hides out with a rough rancher, who dislikes Indians, but hates the Southerners more. The odd couple joins forces, and tactics, to exert ultimate vengeance on the men at the fort. Directed by Claudio Fragasso as Werner Knox.


This is a strange, bloody western unlike any you’ve ever seen. The sole survivor of an indian massacre teams up with a crazy rancher to exact a very bloody vengeance in another Claudio Fragasso masterpiece (directed under the name of Werner Knox).

Cast : Vassili Karis, Mapy Galan, Albert Farley, Charlie Bravo and Benny Cardoso

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